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released June 7, 2019



All Music & Lyrics by Facundo Martín López
Produced and mixed by Facundo Martín López
Album cover artwork by Facundo Martín López
Mastered by Diego Warrior at Puro Mastering (Buenos Aires)


all rights reserved



GEODA San Carlos De Bariloche, Argentina

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Track Name: The Guardians of the Veil
A screen steering your life
Pick a mold where to grow or you will be excised
Before born you've been tagged
By a society eager to cut your wings
Undeniable lies
That turn easily into undisputed truths
They keep you tightly tied
Their system avoids you to decode yourself

Let’s kill the guardians of the veil
Their maggots live within us
And feed on our innocence

Yes, they strive to distract
They produce drugs and vaccines to keep you asleep
Like giving away guns
They also control the entertainment industry
In the school they have fun
Automated kids turn into devotees
With money make you dance
They are behind this joke called democracy

Decrypt yourself
You’ll find you are not you

They live, we sleep

Outside or within the law
From the shadows impose and phagocyte freely
They're polluting the earth
Hindering the near advent of free energy
Right in front of our eyes
Widely used climate changing technology
A shield hiding the sky
We must join to overthrow this sick tyranny
Track Name: Vomiting to the Skies
Quake - A subtle motion
Senses on alert
No information
But I felt something strange
The earth has roared its rage

The hell awakened
It has spat the skies with hate
The night is coming
But nobody is prepared
Our ego should be erased

Fly – fall - burn
Tension makes magma rise – vomiting to the skies
The wind is Gaia’s helper
Spreads her message with dust

Our transit through this place is ephemeral
Sadly we have to learn it with sorrow

Blackened – A storm of ashes
Advancing toward us
The sun is hiding
Black clouds darken the sky
Fire of lightning strikes

The skies are falling
Covering all of with sand
The air is toxic
Sulfur cleansing our lies
Pyroclastic demise

Go! Fly – fall - burn
Tension makes magma rise – vomiting to the skies
The wind is Gaia’s helper
Spreading her message
Track Name: A Jump to the Next Stage
Breaking every wall of fear they built in us
Spitting in their own faces the grapes of wrath
A widening gap
Unaware half-world that needs to wake up
Oneness arrives
Hate and division is what they have

But we know they are scared
The veil falls, is coming the day
When they will go away
And we join, the 99% of slaves
All as one turning the page
A jump to the next stage

Exalting competition, discrediting cooperation
Flags and frontiers, just old arbitrary divisions
Fake government - choose the puppet of your preference
They give two options to take
A polarized world cunningly made

Fuck authority, fuck the laws
Fuck the money, fuck right and wrong
Fuck the commerce, fuck left and right
The real enemy is not in sight

Expanding within me a wider view
And now I see all interconnected
While looking through the scenography
Begins to grow compassion and empathy

Waking up from a long dream induced by fear
They control the game but a tiny spark can ignite the sacred fire asleep in our hearts

Fuck the status quo, fuck the establishment
Fuck the politics, fuck the taxes
False democracy - corporatocracy: The real monarchy
Hidden slavery

Waking up from a long dream induced by fear
They control the game but a tiny spark can ignite the sacred fire asleep in our hearts
We must leave behind social mandates and cultural attachments
We are being forced to play, but we can choose to not believe in their domestication game
Track Name: The Magic Mountain
There’s an old praised tree in the town
That has false divine laws carved on its trunk
Prevents people from going beyond
This anonymous system of control

This tree is rotten in the core
And it is envious of the native forest
Of this mountain from where comes a call
Inviting men to feel the oneness

I’ll go – No gods, no laws
Servitude no more
No violence, no time – Just snow

Floating in white nothing
Swimming in the all
Freed of matter limitations
Away from the city noise

This tree gives the sweetest fruits
And it’s turning people addicted
Now they are all afraid to starve
If they follow the call and go too far… but…

Unburdened climb to the heights to awaken consciousness
Fearing to leave behind the false safety of the flesh
Of the mind… of the ego
Track Name: Here and Now
And here we gather to share our souls
The world has gone, now just you and me
Like passing clouds, we let go our thoughts
Away all worries, our minds are free
Full awake senses let us enjoy
This present moment, nothing else exists
Doubts are right now not allowed to pass
Our whole beings living in this
Instant that is here and now
Nothing more than here and now

Sometimes we need a moment of silence
Also darkness for our minds to rest
But we find the right vibe in this rite
Through these heavy sounds, we reconnect
No colors, no sex, now we are all one
We share something others don't understand
We let ourselves float in this river of bliss
Our whole beings living in this
Instant that is here and now
Nothing more than here and now

Embodied - aware – listen – observe – no judging - accept - experiencing

Not controlling, detached to the desires
No hurries, just flowing with the life
Overthrowing the bounds of the mind
Past and future out of reach, just present time

Here! now!
Track Name: Battle of the Cowshed
Silent screams in the concentration camps
Godless torture-factories
Breeding pain to satisfy
A primitive appetite

Panic-stricken, terrified
Undefined prairie and sunlight dreams
A terror reign for voiceless life
Sorrow makes flesh sweet…

Watch the tyranny of men
Welcome to the Anthropocene
Commerce shaping our tastes
Hiding death and slavery

Stop! The darkness needs this pain and hate
Time to renew
Time for the biggest change
Old customs still dominate
Now we have alternatives
We must respect each other
but also the other life forms with which we share the earth

Overcrowded, motion restrained
Hormone and antibiotic cocktails
Living commodity, disrespect
Stunned and exsanguinated to death

Make the connection, meat is someone's flesh
You are the last link in this cruel chain of death
The most are sentenced. A few are pets
All our young brothers can also be our friends
Morals and ethics under aesthetics
Right and wrong are just culture mandates
We are the ones that are misplaced
Let’s change this system of violence
We do not own their lives, we do not own the world, culture must be reborn
Track Name: Un Mismo Latido
Latías dentro de mí
Y antes te podía cuidar
Pero tres que han de venir
Te llevarán a volar
A veces te harán sufrir
Pero te enseñarán lo que es el amor total

Gracias por estar aquí
Y juntos crecer y avanzar
De este mundo oscuro y hostil
Nuestro amor nos protegerá

Un generoso destino
Cruzó tu rumbo con el de ella
Y juntos quisieron seguir
Al ritmo de un mismo latido
Luego llegaron dos estrellas
Para alumbrar y alegrar un nuevo camino

Aunque nos quieran separar
Aunque nos quieran convencer
Aunque nos quieran engañar
Esta unión no podrán romper

Sus risas la mejor canción
Un cuento antes de ir a dormir
Pequeñas cosas llenan el corazón
Inocencia resguardar, espíritus elevar, mentes que hay que nutrir

El tiempo nos podrá alejar
Elegirán cómo crecer
Su propio camino andarán
Pero siempre podrán volver
Y aquí seguirá este amor incondicional
Track Name: ...and Cancer for All
Another victim to the statistics
Fighting against misinformation and time
They tell me to be strong and have faith
While I'm being tortured like a lab rat
My body is fighting against me and I'm fighting to tolerate the cure
Laws of the flesh or big-pharma evil games?
Looks like morbid fractals of death
My cells against me, humans against earth
Nature' eye for an eye, we all disserve this grace...

Same old bastards making fortunes from this
That makes it suspicious at the least
Rare diseases or cancer around every family
No fucking prayers can do anything
My cells against me, humans against earth
Fractals. A few corrupted cells, destroy everything
Nothing left at the end for the last macrophage king

Unbalanced PH - Accumulated toxins
Vengeance of the earth - Or a pinneal gland disorder?
And cancer for all...

The air, the food, the stress
Too much or too little sun
Altered electromagnetic fields
Or just God having fun?
And cancer for all...

Partial cure with branded remedies that only perpetuate the disease
Just another profits game called "health"
Diseases oblige the lambs to obey
Forced to die or pay
Domesticating frightened playthings
Plugged into the machine

Sooner or later we'll see under the surface
In nature is the cure and the official truth is always a lie

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