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released January 1, 2014

FACUNDO LOPEZ - Guitars/vocals

Music and lyrics by Facundo López


all rights reserved



GEODA San Carlos De Bariloche, Argentina

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We are the new seeds, unmodified, nightmare for pesticides
We grow in deserts, we grow on rock, we advance through every land
We are the rebel weed that flourish stronger in the fields that you damned
We are angry trees whose roots and branches grow strong to put you to an end

Our fruits for free, a little sour, for sure the more nutritious
People rest happy in our shade, animals like to feed on us
We coexist in harmony with other native species
We restore the soil that you razed advancing through fenced fields

Absorbing your infertile germ
Transmuting your unholy potion
Washing down your toxic rain
Disguised profitable silent murderer
Our formula comes from the womb of the earth

We spit your venom back at you
Fuck to turning the cheek, that’s to control the weak
Your poison kills pests like you too
No venom can hurt us - there’s nothing you can do

We are natural seeds unmodified
Quick jump of evolution
The world retakes it’s old colour, food supply clean solution
Some modern illness disappears, as your pesticide fall ends
Our DNA chains can’t be altered, but we came to brake chains
Track Name: GEODES
Vacuity filled slowly in time
Roughened on the outside
Elements that build with sacred laws
Creating shapes that inspire reflexive thoughts

Geodes, fractals of life
Crystals inside
Hard shells that must be broken to find light

Patterns revealing all around
In a scale that everyone can see
A gift that the universe gives
Expressing its beauty geometrically

We are Geodes, fractals of life
Crystals inside
Hard shells that must be broken to find light
Geodes, fractals of life
Crystals inside
Rough shells that must be broken to find light

An armor filtering shallow views
Almost an adaptation to be found only by truth
Prejudice can only see
Roughness, harshness, something ordinary...
Track Name: LAHUAN
Patience built your greatness, nature's son
More than two thousand years growing strong
Roots into earth, arms to the sky
Honouring life in silence
Earth, snow, wind and you are one

Let me stay beside you
Your purity let me feel
Teach me to grow up firmly with calmness and peace

Too much to do never enough time
Going nowhere fast, no peace of mind
Short life, short terms, short sight
Senseless life lived for the senses
I see you and revere time, Lahuan

I want to have roots as you have
I want to be one with the earth
And look at the distance from the misty cold heights
Not reached by the nonsense of men
I want to melt with the whole
And I don’t want to be a pessimist
But you cannot hold on much more
Let’s share our strength to resist

Time is movement, future, present and past
I want to take it slow
But I like to play fast
Nature teaches that it takes time to build greatness
A blink to destroy all
But we can't create with impatience

Every new ring's a harder victory
We must learn from you, you are breathing history
Ancient life
Millenniums you have lived
Always standing tall never on your knees
Back to dust
Unforgivable race of selfish men
I hope to see you in my next life once again

Migrating from countryside to cities
Economic schemes that can’t avoid
Cultivation of fear to mute the spirit
Cities where human herds can be controlled

Don’t let me touch the ground
Don’t let me feel the earth
Don’t let me feed myself
Mould me into a slave

Broken chains I hear in the air
Lies are growing too high
The structure is about to collapse
The plan is coming to it’s end

Global corporations faceless thieves
Feeding us with shit to make us weaker
Soil ruined with genetically modified seeds
Despoiling nature of its riches

Creators of one dream we’re all forced to reach
It demands every drop of sweat and energy
No time to know ourselves, no will to think
Reward only for frivolity

Don’t let me touch the ground
Don’t let me know the earth
Don’t let me see myself
Mould me into a slave

International banks faceless thieves
Enchaining with money they freely print
Imposing their rules buying our leaders
Selling us the cures for their diseases

Migrating from countryside to cities
Becoming prisoners without bars
Self-sufficiency is an enemy
Evil hand taking over land

The darkest power elite, faceless kings
Sowing hatred, feeding on our pain
Crisis and wars made to maintain domain
Living and dying for those faceless things (thieves + kings)
All is made of the same energy, same elements
thus we are all the same
Linked lives
Shared fate
We are part of one living earth
That is a giant but fragile cell
With no chosen or blessed men
What goes around, comes around
Boomerang world

Brainwashed soldiers that must never know
that they are so low… at the bottom of the pyramid
Trained to hate half world, the evil part
Reflection of the other side
Blindly trampling, advancing proudly
Killing to save the day
“Liberty” written on their guns
Disposable slaves
Domination game…

Patriotism is tribal fear, it’s primitive
The world is so small
But not their own private mall
Sent to fight an invented enemy
That’s better not to know well
They may be very much alike...
Unlearn, deprogram your mind, forget all you know
We are drowned in myths and lies
A system carefully built to benefit a few
Who divide to rule

Stop! The world is mean enough, don’t feed it with your cruelty
Your force is channelled to make you blind
Transmute it into something constructive
Scream with me, hate becomes art

Drop your gun
War is a lie
Do not kill or die for them
Guardians of freedom
Just defending free trade
Start to think on your own

Corporations lying - governments lying
Armed forces lying
Pharmaceutical industry lying
Food industry lying
Religions are lying
Society is lying
and our light is dying

All is made of the same energy, same elements
thus we are all the same
Your real job is to preserve corporate order
Wake up, you are only protecting what is against all life
Unlearn, deprogram your mind, forget all you know
We are drowned in myths and lies
A system carefully built to benefit a few
Who divide to rule
Track Name: GOD IS GONE
The migration must begin, and we didn’t learn to fly
As a bird with broken wings we must be left behind
We had it all, but we are insatiable
Free will used to destroy
Now He just left us alone
His nausea was too strong

Tired of watching us killing everything for nothing
Ashamed of what He thought was his most perfect creation
Thanks to Him for all he has given us, ingenuous generous
But He missed a small detail: We prefer limitation

Collapsing – The rift is irreparable
Untenable – Golden calves are falling
Awaking – No divine in heaven
Recycling is coming…

Good by my friend - We’ll have to grow
Time to wean - Now on our own

Idols fall – myths undone
The establishment’s truth broken
His distorted figure brought out our worst, we worshiped him with slaughter
So many tears and prayers in vain, he was only a spectator
Did he choose to speak for him those self-centred dictators?
Self-styled “holy men” paraphrasing what they’ve never heard,
what was never felt, just their sick lies, that intent to form herds
Words of God written by men? …where common sense is censured
Which fool needs that anyway?
Find His wisdom in nature

Collapsing – The rift is irreparable
Untenable – Golden calves are falling
Awaking – No more sedatives
Recycling is coming…

Good bye my friend - We need to grow
Time to awake - God is gone

What now with all the middlemen?
Now you can tell me if truly you have spoken to them
What now? That it’s senseless to stare at heaven
Maybe we’ll use that time to watch the earth
What now, that we don’t have to fear you?
Maybe without that fear we can evolve
What now that religions are senseless?
Maybe we can all together embrace the world

Collapsing – The rift is irreparable
Untenable – Golden calves are falling
Awaking – The divine within
Recycling is coming
This road to nowhere seems to be the only way
To find a place where to belong
Makes me burn all my fuel then it sells me more
It can only be paid with my soul
I jump off the road and don ‘t know where to go
In darkness I try to find myself
The lights of the city have gone but I know
I’ll soon be going to find my own way

The system is trying to put me in a box
So I can be stored properly
In those racks called “success”, “achievement”, “completion”
It looks like a coffin to me
A freshness of freedom caresses my face
But the instilled fear wants to take control
Now I see that my old thoughts were not mine
Raised to be someone else since I was born

Breaking the shell
Subliming the flesh
Feeding the soul
Transmuting hate

Freed to ascend
Anchor’s chain cut
Now we are too high
They see us small

The world is trying to mute us
Keeping us entertained
Things become obsolete fast
So do we if we don’t get them
Heavy bags don’t let us advance
The way they dominate
Unveiled plans of control
Fighting with art their hate

Self-finding final solution
Erasing limiting beliefs
Personal revolution
Ending a life of deceit

The circle is finally closed
Now I see all life as one whole
What separates is only a primitive creation
Made by egoism to control

I don’t believe in anything but love
Only a flag with my name I wave
Belong to nowhere but to the earth
Indestructible shield now on me
Fear detonates a quake
That ruptures calm again
The blood begins to boil
I look for patience to terminate the stress
to find self-confidence
And with action I wait
Maybe I don’t do enough, maybe I do too much
I lose course when I lose myself

The way I followed is heading against the wind
And it became a duty
Is this about finding wisdom or happiness?
To whom must I smile more than to myself?
Pressure - arduous effort to reach the sun
Moving on with passion
Did I choose the goal?
Did it choose me?
Will it make me better? Or is it just a fantasy?

What is this life about?
What if everything is an illusion?
A game that we must sadly play
With rules to stop our evolution

I listen again that voice inside of me that shows me the way
Sometimes I shut it out with doubt and fear
But when I reconnect with the whole nothing makes me scared

Fear detonates a quake
That ruptures calm again
I stop to take a deep breath
Channel my energy and share my pain with the earth
Tension fades away
Knots are not there
I'll leave my longings and fears to the winds
And with inner peace retake the quest
With basic questions the awakening begins
But we are programmed to never do that, it’s judged as a foolish heresy
We are much more docile when we are asleep
Breaking the mould is more simple than it seems

Resist to fit in
Sewn eyes of the others unable to see
It is not healthy to be too well adjusted to this sick society

The given answers never match
Excess of useless data to confuse, to make the seeker give up
Deliberately driven into a comfortable unconsciousness
Cities are fattening farms, conformed herds dancing the songs of the sirens

The alienating fire burns people’s minds
Like razed native forests replanted with pines, forming us in straight lines
We are now the firebreak, the fuel was our ignorance
Those flames can’t hurt if we have no fear, united as one we’ll start again
I do not trust in what I see
I even doubt myself
‘Cause manipulative mountains of propaganda
Are constantly trying to put their weight on me
With moral values packed on the top of the pyramid
Bought by morons as seen on TV
Annulling the free thought to drive the cattle
To the slaughterhouse to kill their will

Reality’s manipulation
Impossible to discern
Distorted information
It‘s necessary to choose:
Take or reject the disguised indoctrination

Globalization, formation of dependent human herds
False “unity” conception to erase the self
Blank minds filled with a materialistic philosophy
Standardized thoughts are essential to sustain the economy

I do not trust in what I read
I only trust in your being
When our energy vibrates at the same frequency
And cascades of truth flows naturally
Don’t be convinced by gentle speaking
Beware of the wolves wearing sheep’s clothing
Psychology and marketing design the speeches
Let’s give some applause to this amazing performance

Reality’s manipulation
Impossible to discern
Masses domination
It’s necessary to chose
The awful truth or the comfortable submission

The warmth of the mediocrity will never shelter me
Even though the world is opened in two here I'll stay firm
I feel lonely but I am stronger than ever
But I know we are many more and soon we’ll be one forever

My own crusade against authority
They will not cross my shield
They will not govern me
Institutions of the lie
There’s no democracy
They’re modeling our lives
Let’s stay against this freedom fantasy

The trickery of evil covered as kindness
Search for power their only motivation
Creating discord they achieve their mad plans
Domination – global preparation
Liberty preached hiding slavery
Separatism exudes from the skin
Their dirty gold is not that bright to me

Reality’s manipulation
Impossible to discern
Honesty’s extinction
To wait or not for approval:
You must make your decision

Pursuit of social rewards all that matters
Prices that can be bought only by liars
Terrorist anyone who controls his own mind
Freedom means to choose and I choose not to be blind
This fucking education…
Hypocritical society
Built on lies, TV shaped, pure insensitivity
Media to manipulate
Restless means to eliminate
Our creative spirit, our individual capabilities

Test before you trust
Filter it with your brain, feel it in your soul
Is the majority always right?
Eat shit, a million flies cannot be wrong

Taught to adore a stereotype
Taught to follow the path
Taught to be afraid of death, taught to be afraid of life
Forced to have success
Helpless and repressed
Saturated by stimuli, blocked by data, but no answers

Now my world is ice
The warmest facts were only lies
I want my faith back
But I feel that something’s cracked

My revelation has come
I thought I knew; now I know I did not
My revelation has come
What I thought that was good was just untrue
My revelation has come
I thought I knew; but now I just distrust
My revelation has come
From vacuity will return the knowledge that we have lost
I see your condition and I regret that sad moment
When you chose to yield the command
My friend, I curse the day
When you took that train
A fun but short way
That has no return without pain

Your energy has corrupted
Your aura darkens
Pleasure price: your life wasted
The wrong choice that made you a marionette

You lost your money and independence
Surrounded by decadence
On idiots feed your environment
You fell so deeply in a trap
the system has to keep you tied
Flying low but always falling hard
Artificial wings only lie

You are losing the light of your eyes
Depressed and hostile
Emptiness fills your insides
You lost your talents and virtues
You thought they would be more pure
Now your life moves back with you
You can’t even cry

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